Digital Advertising is the future, that future is now, and Conquest Media Group is here to help Broadcasters tap into this vast revenue source.
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A Little Bit About The Current State Of Digital Advertising:

- After a record-breaking ad spend year in the US in 2020, Digital Marketing is expected to continue its unprecedented growth by over 20 percent in 2021, to reach an astounding number of 230 billion dollars. That’s right, nearly ONE QUARTER OF ONE TRILLION DOLLARS.

- 2019 was the first-year people spent more time on their mobile devices than watching TV. It’s estimated that consumers currently spend roughly 3 hours and 15 minutes a day on their mobile devices, 25% of that time on apps.

In addition to the above mentioned trends, the Live Event and Promotions Industries have taken a massive volume hit. Revenues in these industries are down by over %75 in many instances. These sliding volumes have created a major negative impact in the Radio Broadcasting Industry by severely limiting some of the all important NTR that broadcasters have relied on.

What does all of this mean for Broadcasters?

The combination of multiple, billion dollar industries increasing digital ad spend, changing habits of consumers post pandemic and a severe decline in NTR, have led Conquest Media Group, and our Founder Josh Riley to create our Broadcast Partner Program.

After 15 years in the radio business, Josh has a great appreciation and understanding of what independent broadcasters go through while trying to produce sustainable revenue in the ever-changing media business.

Our “Broadcast Partner Program” makes Conquest Media Group your digital sales leadership team.

How do we do that?
  • We help source your vendors
  • We help train your staff (in groups and one-on-ones)
  • We help close clients
  • We help provide sales decks and one sheets
  • We co-host client facing summits to help you close more business

In short, we share all of our expertise with you and your sales team. This allows your team to create new revenue quickly and efficiently, replacing lost NTR.

Lets Grow Together

Want the confidence and knowledge to get a piece of a Quarter Trillion Dollar industry?